NETBOX is a SD-WAN solution. It supports basic needs for medium companies using cloud services. NETBOX help customer to lack of  broadband network limitations.

  • SD-WAN (Software Defined wide area networking).
  • Cloud aware deployment with Easy management
  • Of the shell Security features with lawful and Audit requirements.
  • Pre-build Wi-Fi enhancement with Captive Portal support
  • Cybersecurity probe & Cloud processing (with Machine learning)
  • Multiple WAN access type (LTE, Broadband, Wi-Fi)
  • Multiple LAN access type (Wi-Fi, wire)
  • WAN access load balancing & redundancy
  • Remote firmware management

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Nowadays, Internet Access Security is a key element of the security ecosystem. In PDAccess (Privileged Direct Access), we can give you an ability to manage, secure and password-less world of your infrastructure,

  • Password-less Logic.
  • Multi-Device & Multi-Factor Authentication & Authentication Provider.
  • Military Grade Vault to Store sensitive information
  • Service Proxy with Desktop Application
    • Terminal Access: RDP, SSH, Telnet
    • Database Access: SQL(Oracle, MSSQL, PostgreSQL), JSON (MongoDB)
  • Easy Deployment&Scale  logic.
  • Open-Spec API for the integration of other systems seamless.
  • Container Systems (Docker, LXD, Kubernetes, Swarm) Credentials Management, (Certs, Password, etc.)

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